There’s no other finishing product in the world that compares to Rocklear. Whether you have a new or pre-owned car or boat, Icon Rocklear is the only protective and corrective transparent coating that is engineered to stand up to any and all climates and conditions worldwide. By adding up to 4 mils of Toughlon™ infused depth, Icon Rocklear guarantees the thickest, deepest, most protected shine the industry can offer.

And this protection for your car or boat is also backed up by a guaranteed 5 year warranty against defects. Send us your worst and we’ll put our money where our mouth is.



Icon Rocklear with Toughlon lives up to its name, providing your vehicle’s best protection against scratches, scuffs and scrapes.



No longer do you have to worry about those unfortunate bumps your car and boat will experience over its lifetime thanks to Icon Rocklear.



Your car or boat can be the envy of all your friends and family thanks to Icon Rocklear. Icon Rocklear will ensure your car or boat will be the envy of all your friends and family for years to come. You can enjoy the brand new look over and over again.